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Life turned a corner and reconciled with life.
Life is never perfect, even suffocating.

But what about it,Christmas Tree we are still living well, and we will love this undesirable world because of a little joy.

Too perfect is just an illusion, but life is life.

In the TV series "Wulin Biography", a dialogue between Bai Zhantang and Tong Xiangyu has impressed me deeply.

Bai Zhantang: "You think things are suffering now, don't you?"

Tong Xiangyu: "It's not bitter, but I'm very happy. But how tired I am."

Bai Zhantang: "Tired, well,Christmas Present For Christmas Tree you go back now and be your eldest lady. You are definitely not tired, go back."

Tong Xiangyu: "How bitter it is, there is no freedom at all."

Bai Zhantang: "Xiangyu, life is like this, hard or tired, you have to choose the same. No good things are left to you alone."

There are always many unrealistic fantasies in life. I think about getting ahead, but find that it is difficult to get enough food and clothing. I want to be a rare existence, but I find that I am just an ordinary person.

There is a line in Farewell My Concubine: "Humans, you have to fulfill yourself."

After giving up the pretentious "hero road" and turning into the ordinary world, you will find that life is not so bitter, and there is also simple happiness in firewood, rice, oil and salt.

The greatest wisdom in human life is to accept imperfections, don't compete with yourself, and learn to reconcile with life.

Worries and happiness are often just between one thought.

The heart has changed, the road under your feet has changed, and the feeling of nature is also different. This is the charm of "turning".

Lin Yutang once said: "To give up wisely is better than blind attachment."
A person who knows that he can't do it, knowing that it is the south wall that is still going to beat his head, will not be able to enjoy the little bit of happiness in life throughout his life.

Therefore, if you fall into the abyss and get trapped in the quagmire, don't rush forward, stop and think about it, turn and change your way, and then you can walk a broader and farther road.

Only by taking advantage of the trend can you take advantage of the situation to make a difference, and you can accidentally encounter happiness at the inconspicuous corner!

I hope we can all solve our happiness, look down on the unfair things in front of us, have gone through many mountains and rivers, and meet the willows.

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