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1. Don’t think, there will be results as soon as you do something. If you have no results, it means that you have not worked hard enough. It means that you are not good enough. It is not that the method is wrong. It is that you do not believe enough. If you believe first, you will go all out. Only by persisting will you have a chance to see the results. good Morning!
2. Three sentences to yourself when you are upset: one sentence "Forget it" tells yourself that everything works hard but not persistent; mountain bikes one sentence "It doesn't matter" tells yourself that everything works hard, there will be no regrets; one sentence "will pass" tells yourself, bright and charming the sun is always behind the storm. good Morning!
3. Obtain a kind of spiritual pleasure and satisfaction through listening to the waves, leaving people with a beautiful artistic conception and charm, exercise bikes quiet and serene, take your breath and listen carefully to the sound of walking from the thousand peaks and green places. The scenery seems to be everything. Move forward in stillness.

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