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Feelings turn around, and gains and losses are arbitrary.
There is no permanent banquet in the world, and there is no painless parting in life.

There is a saying in "Old Friends of Mountains and Rivers": "Everyone can only walk with you for a while."

In this life,Kids Bikes For Chep we will encounter about 29.2 million people. Among so many people, our relationship with most people is just passing by, and we have not even passed by.

Although we will definitely meet the person who cherishes in the bottom of our hearts, if we can’t continue to move forward together, we don’t have to force it. If we cherish the good time with each other, we will not be disappointed.

Not all life is a happy ending to reunion. There is no great sadness and joy, but it is also the normal state of life.

This is the life of Shen Tao in The Old Man of Mountains and Rivers.

As the protagonist,Kids Bikes Free Shipping Shen Tao experienced the ups and downs of love, the passing of his father, and the loss of his son during the three periods of 1999, 2014 and 2025.

But she has never been knocked down by parting, but she has lived out her stubbornness.

We are all mortals, no matter how long we get along, we cannot escape the curse of parting.

Parting is unavoidable, but the choice to face parting is only in our hands.

Choosing to be attached to the past is to choose pain, but if you choose to let go, parting from the pain at that moment will only become an episode of your progress, and it will be harmless.

Some people's existence is for happiness, and some people's existence is nostalgia. You don't have to be clinging to other people's paths. Turning a corner back to your own path is enough to cherish the moment when passers-by pass you by.

A lot of people and things are just passing through, learning to be willing is the only way in life.

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